• Coffee break.
I literally shoved everything away on my desk and am giving myself 30mins to just breathe. 
My espresso is still too hot to drink, so thought I’d pop in here and remind you:
It’s okay to take a minute and just be. ☕️
Also, my @bialettiofficial Moka pot is new and I love it. I read an article on how the coffee pod phase has thrown them into financial woes, so thought I’d do my tiny part. And, with as much coffee as I drink in the afternoon, figure switching to espresso will save me money down the road. H/t to @spacecadetyarn for the article... Do you get her newsletter? You should. Hands down one of my favorites. Always interesting and man oh man, her yarns are gorgeous.
*testing sip.. yep, it’s ready.
Have a great day, ya’ll
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  • Mail! 📦
I have big plans for this beautiful box of merino/alpaca.

Anyone else planning for winter?
No? Just me? 🤣
Its currently a “feels like” 109°”🥵 The designing life, ya’ll, it’s kinda crazy. Trying to work ahead and into the next season is sometimes pretty odd.
I’m still writing the pattern for the pink Hygge yarn sweater, so holding on this, but maaaaaan I don’t wanna!  Wishing I had more hands 😜
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  • Join new yarn!!
Had a little accidental hiatus.
Sometimes I let mean me say bad things to maker me and it puts a bit of a halt on my production and willingness to share and enjoy. 
It’s an ugly thing, and I don’t like talking about it. (Edit: I’m not good at talking about it)
So, onward.

Finishing this piece that is due for reveal in 2 weeks.
Don’t worry, the pattern has already been written and has run through other eyes for errors and such.
I just need to get this sample complete and do photography.
Which, if I’m being honest, is another reason for delay.
I decided this would be my first piece to self-model and ... 😰😖🤢
➺Yarn: @redheartyarns It’s a wrap
♡ Design: by me, yet to be named 🙈
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  • 👀
I’ve had this want in my head for a long time. Like, years.
And I keep telling myself, when I’m a better designer in knitting, I’ll do it.

But not today.
Today it was, “Why? Why wait? Why knit?” 🎀I had this very specific sweater in mind when when I purchased this yarn a bit back.🎀
What am I waiting for ❓⁉️❓
I’m not waiting any more. Crochet it shall be!
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  • Frankenpuppy.
  • Tbt to a year ago (what?!?😱) when I made this sweater for my baby girl.
A decent number of this pattern has been purchased and there is a free version on the website, so I’m guessing a fair number of people have made it from there...
Yet, there is only 1 listed on @hi.ravelry

Dude. What gives?
Why don’t people make project pages?
Is it the extra time/effort? Just forget?
Any ideas? Theories? ❓❓
I’d love to know.
💫Must mention, the one person that did post their project is the awesome @mljcraft and she makes the best stuff for sons (& herself), go peek.
➺ yarn: @yarnonthehouse in best friend
♡ design: @rv.designs Recline
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  • Had a quiet morning.
Writing, coffee.
A bit of stitching, a bit more coffee.
Actual progress on my to-do list, too.
Now it’s time for computer work, not at all as much fun.
Sometimes I put off what I don’t want to do and sometimes I jump at it first.
I have no system with tasks, unless there is a deadline. Otherwise, I just can’t seem to force myself to stick to a strict schedule of what thing to work on. 🤷‍♀️ Do you have a set assembly line process for how it all gets done?
Fly by the seat of your pants?
Or strapped in and ready to move?
➺ yarn: @lionbrandyarn comfy Cotton in Chai Latte
♡ design: @rv.designs spring sweater that has no name
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  • Finally finished the square!

I’m going to test my pattern with this @lionbrandyarn Re-up. It’s a cotton blend using recycled cotton and polyester.
This yarn is a bit thicker than the original @tahkistacycharlesyarns Cotton Classic Lite, but gauge is not crucial for this project, so it will be nice to have an example in a different weight yarn to be able to answer questions. 😁
This will be open for testing after I verify all of the details are correct. If you’re in the market for a new bag (see what I did there? 😉) and have approximately 385 yards of a sport weight, let me know by DM. I’ll only need 1 or 2 for this.
It is part of a collection and the final piece is currently under construction. 💃

I’m super anxious to get this set complete. It’s been in my head for years (really) and I’m *thiiiiiis* close.

Update for Mila- she is doing well. Currently snoring beside me. Pain meds on board an hour ago and that usually knocks her out for a nice, long, nap. Which she needs because she doesn’t seem to understand she can’t be rambunctious and crazy.
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  • Recovery is going to be hard for this wiggly puppy. 🐾
She just doesn’t understand “still”.
Watching the vet tech trying to hold her back end steady when she saw my son and I come around the corner was pretty funny.🖤
Mila is the kind of dog that when she wags her tail, the entire body goes along for the ride. It’s just so so hilarious.
I do not have the proper words for our gratefulness for all of the love and well wishes and pattern purchases from everyone in our time of stress and uncertainty for this baby.
When Mr and I hesitated with the shock of the fee for her surgery (had to catch our breath a bit), the vet said we could have it amputated for 1000$ less or the only other option with this injury was to put her down.
So, we discussed and when you’re looking at a price tag like that, what’s a thousand dollars more 😰😅
Putting her down... I just couldn’t.💔
So there will be a lot of rice and beans in the crockpot, but it isn’t the first time, and probably won’t be the last.
Mila is home and mending and we are so very blessed.
And a big bear hug of thanks to #bayareaveterinaryspecialists for their skill and care
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  • Just sitting over here, ripping out this square again 🙄

Waiting to hear from the surgeon about Mila’s femur repair. The office told me yesterday he’d call mid afternoon today and she can come home tomorrow morning.
My Lucy does not do well on meds and this makes me overly anxious for Mila. I know she is being monitored, but it makes me nervous.
Trying not to think about it. 🐾

What are you working on?
Do you have any completions for this #finishfriday
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