• This is winter in Houston. Everything stays fairly green, the average temperature for the season is around 65°. With the occasional cold front dropping us into the frigid 40s.🥶
I know, I know.... but that’s pretty durn cold to us.•
I’ve lived with real winter most of my life and I have to tell ya, I don’t miss it. •
In complete honesty, the perpetual warm does put a damper on being able to knit/crochet all the wool things but hey, there’s cotton and bamboo!•
What about you? Are you a sun worshiper or do you love your snow days??? 🌞❄️
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  • I just can’t help myself 🤷‍♀️
But you *have to* get it on ‘paper’ while it’s in your head, right?! •
Truly, I love designing. •
Still stitching away on my girl’s sweater. Currently doing a bit of seaming.
This is the extent of my weekend plans.
What will you be working on? Big stitch plans? •

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  • 🖤 on this Valentine’s Day and every day, my heart, my Mr. •
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  • Remember a bit back, I had the #Okapimcal ? Yeah, I never posted actual pictures! ☺️
So, um, presenting: the Okapi Shawl •
You can read all about it on the blog or just hop over to Ravelry and scoop it up.
A true labor of love.
5 stitch diagrams, table for at-a-glance instruction, row stitch counts, schematics and complete written instruction (US terminology).
All combined = 20 pages of how to. 
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  • 👀👀I wouldn’t say that I have a *favorite* color.. 😂🤣😂
Ha ha ha ha I lie. All things teal, aqua, mint, and turquoise. 
Honestly, ya’ll it is a love/hate thing that this hue is all the what’s up lately because I’ve looooved being able to find all the fun things in *my* color, but now my color is everyone’s color ? 🤔😶
I am selfish, ya’ll. Self.ish. 
That’s alright because @craftstarstudio just admitted to choosing her favorite color out of spite. Spite, ya’ll! Dying. That is so funny! I love her. 
What yarn do you have in this minty-blue? Is there a dyer I need to stalk??? Tell me.
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  • I think it’s pretty safe to say fingering weight is my yarn of choice. 🤣
As a (mainly) crocheter, I have a hard time finding stitches that work well in bulkier yarns. It’s not impossible and there are some designers that excel with bulky, I’m just not one of them. 🤷‍♀️ So I tend to stick with what I love and keep making 12 stitches to the inch rather than 4 😱🙃😂
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  • Working a little on my #bigdreamproject today. Hook, yarn and coffee. This is my happy place. •

Stephanie, the beautiful genius behind @spacecadetyarn made a comment on @savoryknitting post about not letting social media change your vision/staying true to yourself. The original post is truth behind comparison being the thief of joy. Go read it. • 
I know I have been guilty (a victim?) of this. Have you? 
I know I need to shake off this monkey of insecurity/of not being enough and get back to what I know I am. What I know I can do, what I’m good at. •

For too long I’ve been letting others determine my path, pulling me from what I want. And I’ve been struggling... because it wasn’t filling me. •

I’ve got a while of walking through the brush to find my path again, but I’m going the right direction. • #fiberarychallenge #dayten #coffee #iamenough #crochet #yarn #happyplace
  • The question is knit or crochet? • • •
My answer- why limit yourself? I love them both! 🖤 Also, Thank you all for the beautiful encouragement on previous post. The fiber community- knitters, crocheters, spinners, dyers.... loving and wonderful people. 🖤 • Haiku {left} is a crochet shawl I made with @quinceandco (you can find it on Ravelry) and MaryMary {right} is a knit shawl and is free on my site. 
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  • I just couldn’t be at the computer anymore. Not one more minute. • 
Writing the patterns from my creations can be fun and energizing. And it can be convoluted and soul sucking.

Sometimes it’s the ones that you think would be so easy... they become monsters and grotesque in the tedious details of *must be odd rows, *must be a multiple of 2 +3, all of the things and then x 9 sizes. 😫

Oh, ya’ll, I don’t know how to describe the guilt of not getting it done. But I just can’t breathe. 
So, I’m setting Cleobeth aside, again. Only for a little while and stitching on this sweater for my daughter. • #yarnastherapy #relax #crochet #crochetsweater #selfcare
  • ... it’s time to put yarn in my hands. • 
Is yarn your therapy? What do you do to help turn off the anxiety and pressure of deadlines/work/life? 
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