• Just me, some coffee and @lionbrandyarn hanging out on sleeve island...🏝
Chugging along, ya’ll. It’s looking good, I’m ready to get this one out for ya. • #crochetsweater #crochet • • • • 
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  • And then there were two! 
Front and back complete 😁
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  • Absolutely love how this is looking! • 
Writing the pattern as I stitch, this will be another freebie on the site! I hope to have it available soon 💙💛
• ⚪️ The yarn is Mandala by @lionbrandyarn the color I’m using is Sphinx. ➰ • • • 
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  • Now that the #OkapiMCAL is underway, my fingers got a little itchy for a new project. I just can’t help myself 🤣 •
Coming soon... yarn is @lionbrandyarn Mandala in color Sphinx • ◽️
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  • Sometimes, I knit for the sake of knitting. No pattern, no plan, just knit. You do this, too, yes? • Do you have a “go to” pattern that is sanity in the form of yarn? •
Having already covered my family in as much wool as the Texas coast allows, these unplanned knits often find themselves on my Etsy page.
• For sale: wool/bamboo/nylon blend, lightweight, slouchy beanie to fit most adults. $35, free shipping to US • 🔝link in bio🔝

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  • Just a quick reminder: Today is the last day for pre-reveal discount on the Okapi Shawl. • The first clue goes live tonight at 12:01 and the price will be $3.
• Can I just tell you... I’m a bit nervous 😬 I so hope ya’ll enjoy the pattern. It’s also very exciting. I’m ready to get going! • 
By the way, these are the leftovers of each color from the shawl. @dragonflyfibers djinni sock in {clockwise}- Color A: Winter Woods, B: Spooky, C: Corteza Roja • I think I’d call my colors more coordinated than “fade” because there is quite a jump from the grey to black/blend, although the red could definitely be considered a fade from the black... So, it’s a jumping fade ? 🤷‍♀️ • Coordinated or contrasting colors will look good for this shawl. I can’t wait to see them all.... what are you using? Have you joined the fb group? RV designs for #mcal discussion. Share on insta with #okapimcal • ▫️
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  • A while ago I took a little poll for interest in a mystery crochet along. The answer was yes and I’m finally ready, albeit much later than I had hoped. Truth is, the chart took quite some time to put together (this is a new skill- I’m still learning).
But! it is complete and pretty and we’re ready to go! ♥️
Project level: Intermediate 
Materials needed: 
3 skeins sock/fingering weight yarn
F-3.75mm crochet hook 
locking stitch markers
yarn needle
• Pattern is available on Ravelry with a pre-reveal 💲discount until Monday! 
Okapi Shawl ▫️
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  • Sign up now by purchasing the pattern on Ravelry and receive the pre-reveal discount. • 
Join the Facebook group (RV designs) for community stitching and support. • 
First clue: Dec 3 • 3 skeins fingering/sock yarn • 
Read more on the Ravelry page ▫️▫️▫️▫️#mcal #crochet #mysterycrochetalong #okapimcal #crochetshawl #crochetcommunity
  • When starting the 2nd skein for the Haystacks shawl, I had to wind off a bit to set the yarn up in order for the color to continue correctly. • 
No worries about “wasting” yarn... This helped me decide how to give a fun finish to each corner. •
Thought this would also be the perfect opportunity to learn how to make a wee video tutorial. •
I’m hilariously nervous about this new process. Ya’ll, wish me luck! 😊 ▫️
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  • Hi friends! 👋  I kinda fell off the social wagon for a bit, it was unintentional, nothing to worry about 😘 • I have been chugging along at the computer screen getting the next shawl pattern ready. • 
In the meantime, Haystacks is available on the site for freeeeeee. Make someone you love this super cozy shawl this gift giving season! With the @lionbrandyarn Scarfie yarn, the color work is done for you. Could not be easier! 🎁 
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