• Are you a brand new knitter? Ready to move beyond a rectangle?
This is it, your next project!
It uses only 1 cake of @lionbrandyarn mandala so it’s not a huge financial investment, but the results are 💯.
Also, it’s a 1 row repeat, making it perfectly portable and and and - you’ll end up with a great shawl to wear as you continue to master the knit stitch 🖤
Free on the blog, link above 🔝
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  • Today on #MarchMeettheMaker the prompt is “dream collaboration”. I have been extremely fortunate in this life of yarn and actually have had the opportunity of a dream come true. 💓
In 2013, @quinceandco and I put out ‘Crochet, book 1’. It is a collection of 5 beautiful (it’s okay if I call my own stuff beautiful, right?) pieces.
The Queen Anne Shawl, Water Lily Mitts, Pauline hat, Marigold Sweater, and Alium Ascot. It is available on their site, and you can find it on @hi.ravelry
It’s been 6 years, though. About time for another dream come true, yes?
I would love love love to do a collection with @yarnonthehouse and another with @anzulaluxuryfibers ooo and one with @brooklyntweed would be amazing 🖤
Elevating crochet, my friends, this is my dream. •
❓What about you? Have you had a “pinch me” moment? Was it fiber related? •
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  • The best #WordsOfWisdom I have to offer are simple... on the surface.
Such an easy thing to say but for so many people, me included, it is not an easy thing to DO. 
For many, many years, I didn’t. I wasn’t. And I still struggle. So much so, I gifted myself a beautiful, permanent reminder 🗝
Find your truth. Live it to the best of your ability. Every day, even if it’s tiny, do something that is true. 🖤
• @stina.gray
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  • Ya’ll!! Thank you so much for all the Amarillo love this past week! 🥰

Everyone is dreaming of spring and the accessories they can make to chase the chill from the breezy days. I’m anxious to see these showing up around social feeds #AmarilloCowl 
This pattern is available on @hi.ravelry and @lovecrochetcom I’m unsure if I’ve uploaded it to my @etsy shop, I’ll get that on my list to check and do.
But really, thank you. Supporting my ‘for purchase’ patterns and spreading the word of my website is how I am able to do what I do and continue to put out new patterns. Truly, I thank you ❤️ #crochetismybusiness #crochet #springcrochet #crochetcowl #crochetallday #yarnaddict
  • Trying to capture some more detail shots of the Okapi Shawl.
It’s long with multiple parts. Just can’t get it all in 1 pic.
I love the striping 🖤
Friday Friday! My day off at the j.o.b. But I have no big plans. About to go make my 2nd press of the day, that count? ☕️
What are ya’ll doing this weekend??
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  • Knit knit knit knit •
The computer work it takes to get a pattern up and running always uses more time and energy than I realize. You’d think, after years of doing this I’d have a solid schedule... but no. •
Spent some time yesterday weaving ends and doing some finishing work, but just didn’t want the tedium of that after all the housework.
So today, I rest from the screen, tiny stitches and the laundry, and just knit for a while, until next time -
because I’m crazy 😜
Is knitting your relaxation or crocheting? Baking? Sewing? How do you do “mindless”? •
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  • Time to do some seaming and weave in the ends. •
Part of my #bigdreamproject I’m super nervous about time. Not sure that I’ll get it done when I hoped.
Cross your fingers for me? 🤞
Also, if you have some Kidsilk Haze by @rowanyarns or a heavy lace and would like to give this a test run, send a DM. 🖤
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  • Surprise!
A free sweater pattern for ya 🙌
Uses worsted weight yarn with an I/5.5mm hook, so it’s a quick stitch to finish out this everlasting winter.
👉And as always, sizes XS-5X •
Link in bio ⤴️
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  • Some days everything’s great and others, you’re well into your 2nd press before 9am. •
Guess what today is. ☕️
If this yarn could talk, it would be yelling foul things at me and in a pretty bad mood. I’m on the 7th? 8th? restart of this shawl. • •
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  • A little behind-the-scenes tidbit: I use the weight of a completed sample to determine the amount of yarn each size will take. •
If a size small weighs 100g and has 10000 stitches, each stitch weighs .01g. If a large has 15000 stitches, then it will weigh 150g. Allows me to give accurate yarn amounts for each size. •
Do you have any questions about the rest of the process? •
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